Why Use DISC Personality Assessments?

Wiley's EverythingDiSC product is an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their interpersonal dynamics, communication, and teamwork. This personalized learning experience provides insightful assessments that help users understand their own DiSC styles—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. By uncovering these personality traits, EverythingDiSC facilitates a deeper comprehension of personal behavioral patterns and how they affect interactions with others. As a result, users are better equipped to build more effective working relationships, foster a more cohesive team environment, and improve workplace productivity. Whether you're looking to resolve personal conflicts, enhance leadership skills, or simply improve your self-awareness, EverythingDiSC serves as a comprehensive guide to achieving better interpersonal outcomes and creating a more harmonious and productive working environment.

What is Executive Assessment, LLC’s Guarantee to Customers?

  • Unlimited Customer Support from our training consultants and certified facilitation staff
  • Low Price Assessments / Quantity-Based Pricing providing value-based solutions to our clients
  • Access to our team during normal working hours
  • Assessment debriefs for individuals interested in exploring their assessment results

How do I decide which assessment is best for my team?

Our certified advisors will explore your learning and development objectives not only for your immediate needs but also evaluating longer term goals.  After gaining an understanding of potential underlying issues of a team, leader, or organization and overall behavioral dynamics, we will explore different solutions while managing your overall investment.  Our commitment is to provide a platform of learning that carries forward over time.

Does Executive Assessment, LLC offer discounts?

One of the many reason companies use DiSC personality assessments from Executive Assessment, LLC is that they want to purchase large quantities of assessments at one time OR over a period of time, and we offer significantly discounted pricing for quantity purchases.  Call us at: (212) 287-9217 or email us at: support@exec-assessment.com for details.