What Is Catalyst™?

Catalyst™ is a personalized learning platform that acts as each learner’s home base throughout their DiSC® journey.

Designed to support instructor-led facilitation or individual exploration, Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective workplace collaboration. Catalyst integrates DiSC into the flow of work, ensuring takeaways are readily applied.

On Catalyst, Learners Will Gain Access To:

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Catalyst Learning Experience

Each Everything DiSC®on Catalyst learning experience starts with our best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace®application. From there, learners can continue their DiSC journey with Agile EQ™or Management.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace®

    Base Experience:

    Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace experience to the next level. Designed to build more effective relationships at work, Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time. 

    Learn More about Everything DiSC Workplace 
  • Everything DiSC Agile EQ™

    Add-On Experience:

    Continue the DiSC journey with Agile EQ™—an experience that develops the emotional intelligence necessary to support a thriving, agile culture. Agile EQ helps participants read the emotional and interpersonal needs of any situation and respond accordingly.

    Learn More about Everything DiSC Agile EQ 
  • Everything DiSC Management

    Add-On Experience:

    Management continues the DiSC journey by preparing anyone in a management role to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people. Designed to help learners adapt their approach to each direct report, Management improves manager effectiveness in real-time.

    Learn More about Everything DiSC Management 

The Everything DiSC® on Catalyst Facilitation Kit

The Facilitation Kit offers facilitators a new dimension of support to help meet a wide range of time, location, and
group size constraints. It uses a short-format, modular design and includes virtual and in-person facilitation options
to ensure facilitators can create a customized experience that meets the unique needs of any client.

The Facilitation Kit Includes:

Classroom and Virtual Facilitation guides for Fundamentals, WorkplaceAgile EQ, and Management modules in:

  • Microsoft Word (customizable)
  • PowerPoint® decks for each classroom and virtual module (customizable) 
  • Participant handouts for classroom and virtual sessions 
  • Program Guide for planning your session 
  • Access to online research and resources, including sample reports, posters, templates, and other detailed product information

Talk to us about purchasing an Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit, complete with a USB drive, downloadable link, and welcome guide.

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