Everything DiSC® Profile Assessments and Facilitation Tools

Create a language of teamwork and understanding in your company.  The Everything DiSC® Suite of Profiles are powerful assessments that improve communications, drive teamwork and collaboration, and create understanding.  

The NEW Everything DiSC on Catalyst takes DiSC to the next level of learning. DiSC CATALYST is a personalized on-demand learning platform providing a hub of DiSC knowledge. It offers real-time strategies to increase engagement with colleagues, and provides on-going access to personalized learning.Everything DiSC Quantity Pricing is available when purchasing 10 or more Everything DiSC Assessments.

Benefits of Everything DiSC Assessments

  • Increase your personal awareness: what motivates you; how you respond to conflict; how you solve problems; what causes you stress; and how you prefer to communicate
  • Improve your communication effectiveness with team members. Develop an appreciation and understanding how different DiSC styles
  • Develop skills for leadership influence and coaching
  • Increase team productivity by understanding what motivates your team
  • Boost sales performance by increasing customer connections
  • Learn specific strategies on how to better communicate with colleagues using the comparison report or Colleagues module on CATALYST.

Quantity Discounts for Everything DiSC Assessments

Purchase Everything DiSC® profile assessments to help your company or organization.  Executive Assessment, LLC can administer assessments behind the scenes OR choose to take control of the process with a FREE EPIC Account.  Everything DiSC Quantity Discounts begin with an order of 10 or more assessments.  DiSC Quantity Discounts are determined based on estimated volume of usage over a one year period of time.  

1. DiSC® Profiles and Assessments

Let our experienced team of administrators provide a seamless Everything DiSC administrative management process.  We manage the process behind the scenes sending access codes to team members and providing access to Everything DiSC profile results.  

  • Purchase On-Line DiSC Profile Assessments directly from our website. We manage the assessment process from start to finish to meet your target timeline.
  • Buying large quantities of DiSC assessments?  We offer volume pricing to maximize your investment.
  • Our Certified Professionals provide on-going consultation at no cost sharing best practices and actionable DiSC strategies.
  • DiSC On-Line Facilitator Reports and Group Culture Reports are available for those facilitating teams/groups.  These reports can be added to your order to debrief teams and identify opportunity areas.
  • Comparison Reports are available at no cost. Learn specific tips & strategies to improve communications with colleagues.  
  • Free access to MyEverythingDiSC.com mobile portal providing access across the team to share comparisons and team reports OR Free Access to the Everything DiSC Catalyst Platform.
  • Access to Everything DiSC Catalyst platform with purchase of ED Workplace, AgileEQ or Management assessments.
  • Interested in becoming certified in DiSC?  Find out about upcoming On-Line DiSC Certification classes.

2. EPIC Accounts for DiSC Profiles Assessments 

Access DiSC assessments 24/7 with an EPIC Account. Set up and manage individual, teams, and groups of profiles at a reduced cost. All reports include your company logo and reference information.  We offer DiSC Quantity Discounts for EPIC Credits.

  • When you purchase an EPIC Account we offer a complementary DiSC Coaching Call to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Provides full access and management for all Everything DiSC On-Line Profile Assessments
  • Ability to generate comparison reports, group reports, facilitation guides, and on-going development 
  • Access to the EPIC Everything DiSC on-line site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

3. DiSC Profiles Facilitation

Our Executive Assessment, LLC Certified Authorized Professional Facilitation staff provides application-based facilitation across the full suite of Everything DiSC Profile Assessments. Interactive DiSC training and DiSC workshops are highly engaging providing strategies for putting DiSC principles into action. 

  • Virtual or In-Person DiSC Sessions
  • Put DiSC principles into action immediately.  Our hands-on and interactive learning process integrates DiSC behaviors and understanding.
  • Explore team results identifying team strengths and opportunities for development 
  • Walk away with specific and actionable strategies that keep DiSC moving forward

Executive Assessment, LLC is an Independent Authorized Distributor of Wiley DiSC Products.