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Online orders are accepted using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Orders placed from the website during a weekday usually ship same or next day.


All phone orders require written verification. If you place an order via phone, we will email you with an order confirmation that requires your response with explicit approval before the order can ship.


We gladly accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). If you cannot order with a credit card, we will accept a Prepaid Purchase Order.


To setup a pre-paid purchase order, please do the following:
Email us a request for an invoice at support@exec-assessment.com, or call us and make your request. Your request must include bill to information, ship to information, PO # (if applicable), Phone, FAX, AND EMAIL ADDRESS of contact person.
We will email an invoice for the requested items to you.
Direct mail a PO with a check to us with a copy of the requested invoice.
We will ship your order when your check arrives.
Our Address for Mailed Checks is:
Executive Assessment, LLC
750 S. Spaulding Ave, Suite 122, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Electronic delivery reports, products, and services require a “human being” to either issue a code, password, or email links, and therefore delivery is limited to “business hours” when we can get the product or service to you during business hours M-F, 9 AM –3 PM EST time for same day delivery. We will make best efforts at all other times.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are responsible to ensure that your SPAM filters do not prevent our emails from reaching you. If you have SPAM filters enabled, please be sure to add support@exec-assessment.com to your allowed senders list (your “white list”) for all ordered online reports.


International orders (from countries other than the US) are accepted from most countries, except those that are currently sanctioned by the US Government. International orders may be placed using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.Orders from countries in the European Union (EU) are generally shipped same or next day.Due to high fraud risk, orders placed from other countries may be delayed for verification of legitimacy before goods are delivered. This verification can take up to 180 days.If an order is suspicious, it will not ship even with credit card authorization approval, until it has been cleared via international trade investigation.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL once paper or online product orders are received.
NO products may be returned for refund, credit, or exchange for any reason. If we make an error, we will correct it at no expense to you. No credit, for any reason, will be issued to your credit card after you order. At these significant web pricing discounts, the protection of intellectual property in the materials, and copyright protection for all parties, we find this policy most beneficial for all our customers and clients.

WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, CREDITS OR RETURN POLICY FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.Please order carefully. Print this page for your information. By ordering you agree to these terms without reservation, and agree that you will receive no refund, credit, return, or exchange for any reason.


Executive Assessment, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without stating the reason.