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EPIC Admin Account Premium Package

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EPIC Administrator Account Premium Package

The EPIC Administrator Account Premium DiSC Facilitation and Coaching Package provides everything you need to confidently administrate, facilitate and coach learners using the full suite of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessments.  

What's Included in the EPIC Administrator Account Premium Package?

  • FREE EPIC Administrator Account with 500 EPIC Credits: Full control to gain 24x7 access and management for all Everything DiSC Assessments and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessments. (DiSC Workplace, DiSC Management, DiSC Agile EQ, DiSC Sales, DiSC Productive Conflict, DiSC Work of Leaders, Five Behaviors Team Assessment, Five Behaviors Personal Development)  $243 Value
  • Discount on Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors Assessments:  EPIC Accounts use EPIC Credits. Purchasing the premium EPIC Administrator Account package provides 500 credits at a 10% discount.  View the number of credits required for each assessment option below.
  • Discounted Facilitation Kit: Select either an Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors Facilitation Kit.  The Premium Package earns you a 20% discount on your Kit.  Facilitation Kits include:  Fully Scripted Leaders Guide; Customizable PowerPoint Slides; Videos; Learning Aids; and Handouts. Complementary Kit updates are available on-going.  

How Does an EPIC Administrator Account Benefit My Business?

  • EPIC credits are an easy way to administer assessments. Credits never expire. Buy in bulk and save up to 20% on all assessments.
  • Use you personal company branding on all assessments
  • Full management control to issue assessment links and manage Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors assessment reports, Facilitator Reports, Group Culture Reports and Comparison Reports.
  • Access to the Everything Catalyst Learning Platform
  • EPIC account holders gain access to the full suite of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments listed below.


Costs for EPIC Credits

The cost of EPIC Credits is determined by projecting the number of credits used annually.  For volume purchases over 2000 credits please contact us. Our Wiley Certified support team provides clients with on-going complimentary consultation, sharing best practices, continual education on all assessment offerings, application based exercises for facilitation, and access to BETA testing of future products.   

1-249 credits          $5.40/credit
250-499 credits       $5.10/credit
500-749 credits       $4.85/credit
750-999 credits       $4.70/credit
1000-1499 credits   $4.55/credit
1500-1999 credits   $4.45/credit
2000+ credits         $4.35/credit

EPIC Credits per Profile Assessment: 

Everything DiSC Workplace – 15 credits
Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst – 15 credits
Everything DiSC Management – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Agile EQ – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Sales – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – 25 credits
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict – 20 credits
DiSC Classic 2.0 – 15 credits
Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – 35 credits
Five Behaviors Personal Development – 25 credits
DiSC Facilitator Report – 25 credits
Group Culture Report – 25 credits
Comparison Reports – no charge