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Everything DiSC Sales Profile

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Develop High Performance Sales Teams

Everything DiSC Sales Profile Focuses on Three Key Areas that Drive Sales Performance:

Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style: Sales team members discover how their personal DiSC styles affect the sales process. Sales team training with DISC personality testing will direct their priorities and impact the sales process and how to increase awareness of customer communication styles.

Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles: Team members are introduced to the Customer Mapping Process. This power tool provides sales professionals with an effective way to identify, manage, and shift personal DiSC behaviors that drive increased communication and understanding with specific customers.

Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customers Buying Style: Using Everything DiSC Sales Maps, sales team members learn strategies on how to adapt sales styles to the language of the customer. This increased understanding of how a customer communicates allows sales professionals to better relate and influence customer relationships.

View a Sample Everything DiSC Sales Profile

View a Sample Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Map

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Everything DiSC Sales Comparison Reports & Team Reports

Comparison Reports are available for sales managers and sales professionals who need to work more effectively together. Reports can be generated for two individuals providing each individual with a personalized report comparing their personal style to that style of another leader or manager.

View the Everything DiSC Sample Comparison Report

For insight into a Sales or Sales Leadership team or group, the Everything DiSC Facilitators Report and Everything DiSC Group Culture Report will highlight the distribution of styles across the four DiSC areas. In addition, the overall group culture will be identified to help Sales and Sales Leadership teams to understand their group culture and to work more effectively across the organization.

View the Everything DiSC Sales Sample Facilitators Report

View the Everything DiSC Sales Sample Group Culture Report

Sample Video:  Introduction to Everything DiSC Sales  

How to Order the Online Everything DiSC Sales Profile

1. Instant Report Results
You can purchase one or more Everything DiSC Sales on-line profiles and receive instant report results once the profile has been completed. Upon completing the Everything DiSC Sales on-line profile you will be able to view, save as a pdf file, print and/or email your results. After you order the profiles, you will receive an email and access code for each profile ordered.

Order the Everything DiSC Sales Profile

2. Purchase Credits to Be Added to a New or Existing EPIC Account
If you are interested in purchasing the Everything DiSC Sales or other DiSC Profiles and reports then you will want to create an EPIC Account. This gives you the ability to purchase and set-up profiles DiSC Profiles at any time, manage profile results, and deliver on-going profile reporting. You will be assigned a Personal Coach that will be available for on-going help as you need it.

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Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Materials

Deliver a powerful program using the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitator Materials. 50-minute in-depth modules include fully-scripted facilitation with engaging experiential activities and sales-focused video to create a personalize sales team training strategy experience.

Easily Customizable: Modify PowerPoint, Leader's Guide, Handouts and switch out Video Clips to create a customized program for your Sales or leadership team. Fits any timeframe from one hour to a full day.

The Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit includes:

  • Leader's Guide in MS Word
  • PowerPoint with embedded video
  • Stand-alone, menu-driven video
  • Participant handouts in MS Word
  • Templates and Images for Customization
  • Sample Everything DiSC Sales Profile
  • Online resources and research
  • Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Guides (for 24 participants)

Modules 1-2: Discovering Your DiSC Sales Style
Participants explore the influence their Sales style has in customer relationship process. Strategies are presented on how to recognize customer's DiSC styles and to increase influence and sales effectiveness.

Module 3 & 4: Recognizing & Understanding Customer Buying Styles
Participants learn a process for placing customers on the Everything DiSC Sales Map ad practice the customer-mapping process. Priorities of each customer buying process are outlined and action plans are put into place to better manage actual customer relationships.

Module 5 & 6: Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer's Buying Style
Participants explore how failing to adapt can interfere with the sales process. Interactive exercises provide the opportunity to practice adapting to a specific customer. A sales adaptation plan is developed to improve sales interactions with specific customers.

Post Training Reinforcement
Participants will practice using the customer-mapping techniques. They will learn about priority similarities and differences and discover specific strategies for connecting better with the customer.

In-Depth Video: Engaging video includes an eight-minute introduction to DiSC Sales styles plus 52 vignettes featuring real world, sales-specific customer interactions.

Easy-to-Use: The entire Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit is totally portable delivered on a USB drive. Facilitation materials, video, PowerPoint, and support documents are contained on the USB drive.

Everything DiSC® Sales Facilitation System

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