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DiSC® Essentials Training

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Everything DiSC Essentials training increases your expertise in facilitating and coaching using the full Everything DiSC Suite of Assessments. It provides a solid foundational of DiSC® knowledge to engage your clients and put DiSC into action. This self-paced experience contains 2-3 hours of online, application based activities. The Everything DiSC Training Center, is available for you to work through DiSC Essentials at your own pace. For single users only.

If your budget doesn't allow for Everything DiSC Certification, the DiSC Essentials Training combined with a DiSC Facilitators Kit provides a solid foundation to facilitate or coach individuals, teams and leaders using the Everything DiSC model.

Learner Takeaways

  • Deepen your DiSC module with five DiSC learning modules: What is Everything DiSC?; DiSC & You; DiSC & Others; Everything DiSC Profiles; Getting More Out of DiSC
  • Learn how to facilitate Everything DiSC People-Reading and how to build bridges of collaboration
  • Increase your knowledge of the full suite of DiSC Assessments (Workplace, Management, Agile EQ, Sales, Productive Conflict, Work of Leaders)
  • Learn how to effectively respond to common questions about Everything DiSC assessments and their interpretation
  • Enhance learner's experience using the DiSC Supplement for Facilitators and Comparison Reports
  • Explore how the Catalyst Learning Platform augments your facilitation experience and builds a Return & Learn DiSC environment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register for my DiSC Training?

  • Once you place your order, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm your enrollment in one of the upcoming courses
  • Course enrollment takes place weekly on Wednesday mornings US CT.  You will receive a login invitation and link to access the DiSC Essentials Training Center
  • Register by ordering here, or call us at 212-287-9217, or by sending an email to:

What's included in a Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit?  

  • All DiSC Facilitator Kits include:  Customizable PowerPoint slides; Video Slides (embedded PowerPoint slides); Fully scripted Leaders Guide; Learner Handouts; Teaching Aids; Video Transcripts; On-Line Resources & Research
  • Facilitation Kits are available for Download or Shipment (USB Drive)
  • Complementary Updates: DiSC Facilitation Kits are kept updated, relevant and incorporate new features.  When there is an update available for your specific kit, you will receive a notification to download the latest updates.
  • Save $200 when you purchase a DiSC Essentials Training BUNDLE that includes DiSC Essentials Training with a DiSC Facilitation Kit 

Can I Administer DiSC Assessments?

Yes! With the purchase of a DiSC EPIC account, you have 24x7 access to administer the entire suite of Everything DiSC assessments (DiSC Workplace, DiSC Management, DiSC Agile EQ, DiSC Sales, DiSC Agile EQ, DiSC Work of Leaders.  If you anticipate using a large amount of assessments over time, we can provide discounts based on volume used.

If you'd like us to manage the administration of assessments, we provide the highest level of customer service.  Our clients value our prompt attention to managing all communications.  We work with you to set up a process that meets your timing and assessment delivery process. 

Bundle Pricing

Purchase the DiSC Essentials Training Bundle that combines DiSC Essentials Training AND a DiSC Facilitator Kit - save $200.

What Support Does Executive Assessments, LLC Provide?

Our clients appreciate our prompt response and proactive support.  We want you to be successful!  We have over 17 years experience administrating DiSC surveys. We provide on-going support that includes:

  • sharing of best practices for facilitation and integration of DiSC principles
  • application-based exercises that engage learners and put DiSC principles into action
  • access to the latest DiSC updates and new feature releases
  • strategies to create a Return & Learn DiSC experience.

Executive Assessment, LLC is an Independent Authorized Distributor of Wiley DiSC Products.



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